Rowan Nhalithryl

Elven Ranger, 6'5", from the stolen lands.


Age: 105 years young
Alignment: Chaotic Good

STR – 12
DEX – 18
CON – 10
INT – 16
WIS – 14
CHA – 11

AC – 16
Touch – 14
Flat-Footed 12

HP – 19

Fort – 2
Reflex – 6
Will – 2


Elven Longbow: (Masterwork, +1) 1 d8, crit x3 Range: 100 ft.
Elven Shortbow: (Masterwork +1) 1 d6 crit .3 Range: 60 ft. (can be used while on horseback)
Scimitar: 1 d6 Crit 18-20 x2


Rowan grew up in the Stolen lands. He lived in his village with other elves, learning how to track and hunt the various creatures that dwell in the plains and swamps, primarily elk. All seemed well for him and his family. Life was hard, but it was rewarding as well. It made Rowan very talented with his bow and tracking skills. He was even almost happy.

Then everything changed when the bandits attack. Rowan was one of the few elves that liked to wander towards the edge of the lands, sometimes over extending his hunting grounds in search of bigger and better game. When he returned home that fateful night, he found his village burning to the ground and most of his people slaughtered. One greedy bandit was still looting a corpse of what few copper and silver it still possessed when Rowan’s arrow found his throat. Rowan left, taking whatever he could to sell, so he could trade and gather enough supplies to take down all of the bandits that destroyed his home. He knew that revenge wouldn’t bring them back, but it might bring him peace.

When Rowan heard about the charter to reclaim the Stolen Lands, he couldn’t sign up fast enough. He couldn’t wait to be paid to remove the bandit scum that had overtaken his home.

Rowan Nhalithryl

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